Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Year, New Horizons

Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran, Scotland.

After about 20 years working in front of a PC screen, my body was telling me it was time to change. My knees were knackered; my back was buckled.

I need a low-impact activity that exercised my whole body and was enjoyable enough to make me want to repeat the experience.

I didn't fancy sitting on a rowing machine in a gym, and swimming seemed a bit...repetitive.

No - I wanted to hear the birds, smell the flowers, see the deer, and meet people. And I wanted to get fitter. I wanted an activity that could be as challenging or as gentle as my body demanded.

Only Nordic Walking ticked all those boxes.

If you want to learn Nordic Walking in the South-West London area, just give me (Peter Young)a call on 07703-404-931. Poles are provided. Lessons start from £10, with taster sessions for £5, but the fresh air and scenery is free.